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Frequently Asked Questions

What does APM mean?

Asset Performance Management is about decision support to determine the best asset strategies for optimizing safe and efficient asset operation at your water or wastewater utility. APM helps you understand things like the criticality of an asset, the consequences of its failure, and when action should be taken to prevent failure.

What does CMMS mean?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System helps you organize and track all of your maintenance activities. It will generate work orders and maintain asset history. A CMMS is sometimes part of a bigger EAM system.

What does EAM mean?

An Enterprise Asset Management system is an execution system, like a CMMS, but it usually includes a broader range of functions, like HR and finance.

Is MentorAPM a CMMS?

Yes. But it’s not just a CMMS. MentorAPM delivers all the functionality of a CMMS, embedded with powerful APM tools and Asset Management Intelligence.

How can you help someone who is new to water utility asset management?

We’ve been helping utilities build their asset management programs for a long time. We can help you set a roadmap for your program and make sure you get all the right pieces in place, in the right order. We will keep you focused on reaching the end goal: sustainable service delivery and optimized financials. Most importantly, we make sure you can do this yourself, without staying tied to expensive consultants.

Why should our vertical and horizontal assets be managed within the same system?

Your treatment plants and your distribution and/or collection systems have different factors influencing how you manage them. A GIS-based system works well for network assets but isn’t really great for plants, while a CMMS without any GIS can leave you hanging with your pipes.

MentorAPM has both functional hierarchies for vertical assets and GIS integration, so you don’t have to choose between your pipes and your plant, or try to make two different systems play nicely together.

What is considered a “legacy” system?

If you already have an EAM or a CMMS that you have been using for a while, that is your legacy system. You may be concerned about how to get data out of that system or that the costs of switching may be too high. However, it is likely that an older system will require significant upgrades in the near future that can be even costlier than starting fresh. We can help you figure out your actual costs to figure out your best option going forward. And we can get your old data into a new system to preserve your asset history.

Do you only work with water/wastewater utilities?

No. MentorAPM is suitable for any asset-intensive industry. Our team has worked with a broad range of clients in electric utilities, oil and gas, mining, and others. Read more about our experience.

We already have a CMMS but we need a mobile solution. Can you help?

InField Mobile™ is an open app that will support and integrate with your existing systems. It can be purchased alone as your mobile work management solution. Ask us about how you can use Infield Mobile™ to evaluate the full MentorAPM suite and set up a safe and simple path for digital transition.

Can I buy just one module, like Criticality Analyzer™? Will it work with my current CMMS?

Yes! It is possible to buy individual modules like Infield Mobile™ or Criticality Analyzer™ to support your existing system. Our APIs allows us to easily integrate with and support what you’ve already got.

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