Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Alabama public water systems can earn priority points for DWSRF projects with a completed asset management plan. New systems or systems dealing with compliance must submit an asset management plan that includes identification of critical assets.

MentorAPM in

MentorAPM can be used by Alabama utilities to develop asset inventories and complete criticality assessments as required by Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

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With more than 132,000 miles of rivers and stream channels, Alabama is estimated to have approximately 10% of the freshwater resources in the entire continental United States, originating in or flowing through the state.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • Additional DWSRF project priority points are granted to systems that complete asset management plans.


  • New systems, and those experiencing compliance issues, must submit an asset management plan including asset inventory, the required sustainable level-of-service, determination of critical assets, determination of the lowest lifecycle cost options for providing the highest level-of-service over time, and long-term financing strategy (Alabama Department of Environmental Management Admin Code r. 335-7-4-.04 and 335-7-4-.07), per water supply permitting regulations.


  • Annual training sessions focusing on asset management are conducted by Alabama Rural Water Association and Communities Unlimited (CU) in different regions of the state. They provide information on available resources to water systems to develop an AM plan. A board member training course that has historically included a discussion of the state’s asset management rules is provided by CU.


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