Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Alaska is including asset management in the SRF scoring process starting this year and is developing asset management resources. Disadvantaged communities can access principal forgiveness loans related to developing asset management plans.

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MentorAPM’s Asset Investment Planning module supports capacity-building efforts like the ADEC Statewide Capacity Development initiative.

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About three-quarters of all fresh water in Alaska is stored as glacial ice, making it a major reservoir of frozen freshwater. The state has more than 3 million lakes, 12,000 rivers, and 100,000 glaciers.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • Disadvantaged communities are offered a principal forgiveness loan (up to $75,000) to implement Sustainable Infrastructure Planning Projects, including developing AM plans.


  • Potential infrastructure concerns, that may be addressed by an AM plan, are identified with sanitary survey inspections


  • At the annual Alaska Section of the American Water Resources Association and Alaska Water Wastewater Management events, several introductions to AM workshops were included. The State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation’s (ADEC) annual training calendar webpage lists AM trainings.
  • AM information will be incorporated into resources such as educational & support materials and conferences. Existing outreach efforts such as training materials and curricula outline the importance of AM.
  • In-person assistance by the Remote Maintenance Work program is to implement AM information.
  • Utilizing the EPA’s five-co-requisition framework ADEC is developing AM guidance documents.
  • The ADEC Statewide Capacity Development Survey is integrating content describing the benefits and specifics of AM.


  • To incentivize the development & utilization of AM plans, Alaska’s SRF will be implementing AM into the scoring process & project evaluation process in 2024.
  • ADEC has a contractor conducting a statewide survey (including AM questions) of partners & stakeholders to understand the capacity-building needs of systems.
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