Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Arizona encourages public agencies to adopt and maintain asset management programs and provides assistance through published resources and on-site technical training.

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MentorAPM has been proudly headquartered in Phoenix Arizona since 2017.

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Only 36% of Arizona’s water supply comes from the Colorado River, which is less than other states that rely on it, such as Nevada (100%) and California (60%). Arizona boasts the most advanced program for managing groundwater in the country, with vast aquifers that provide access to water during times of drought. A staggering 93% of the water that enters the Greater Phoenix waste stream can be reclaimed and treated for potable use.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • Routine sanitary surveys include questions on the maintenance and utilization of the AM program.


  • In-person and virtual training is available to operators, owners and managers through the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. These include the EPA’s Asset Management Handbook for Small Public Water Systems.
  • AM information is shared through the following: department websites, quarterly Rural Water Infrastructure Committee meets, sanitary surveys, and on-site technical assistance.


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