Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Public wastewater and drinking water utilities can receive grants or loan interest rebates to develop and implement asset management plans to help keep their facilities in optimal working order through Delaware’s asset management incentive program. Asset management training courses are offered through the Delaware Office of Drinking Water.

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Your consultant can use MentorAPM asset management tools like Asset Collector, Criticality Analyzer and Asset Investment Planner to create your asset inventory and develop your asset management program.

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About 8 billion gallons of water are used daily in the Delaware River basin, with 79 percent going to industry and power generation.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • Up to $100,000 in grants (per municipality) with no match required, to develop and implement an Asset Management Program (up to $200,000 for combined wastewater and drinking water facilities).
  • The DWSRF loan application information and/or sanitary surveys identify systems without an AM plan. Grants for AM planning are available and provided by the Delaware asset management Incentive Program.
  • The DWSRF loan requires a Revised Capacity Development document (which includes AM questions) to be completed by PWS.


  • AM plans are reviewed in the sanitary survey; recommendations to develop an AM plan is included in the sanitary survey report for PWSs without one.


  • Asset Management training courses go over how to implement and develop AM plans, as well the benefits of them. These courses are offered by The Delaware Office of Drinking Water’s trainer educator and it’s technical assistance providers: Delaware Rural Water Association (DRWA), Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project, Inc. (SERCAP), and Delaware Technical and Community College.
  • The Capacity Development Program’s utilizes a “drinking water email blast”; it communicates new regulations and information (which can relate to AM). This has helped small PWSs that previously had limited means of staying up-to-date on information.
  • All PWSs have access to technical assistance providers (i.e., DRWA and SERCAP) to build and apply asset management plans.
  • Delaware’s Capacity Development Program assesses if there is an asset management plan and will encourage PWSs to pursue an AM plan as needed.  


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