Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Idaho offers asset management training with help from the Environmental Finance Center and Rural Water Association, and awards SRF points for implementing formal asset management plans. The IDEQ Drinking Water Bureau is developing a new document management system that will track which public water systems are missing asset management plans.

MentorAPM in

Public water systems using MentorAPM can easily create and update their asset management plans  with important asset data following the EPA Five Core Question Framework: 1. Current State of Assets 2. Level of Service, 3. Critical Assets 4. Lifecycle Cost 5. Long-term funding.

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Idaho has more than 2,000 lakes and 93,000 miles of streams and rivers. Only 1228 of the lakes have names.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • Provides state revolving fund (SRF) priority points. A water system can receive five points on a drinking water loan and/or planning grant rating if they have implemented, or plan to implement, a formal asset management plan. Points are awarded if the water system has already implemented a formal asset management plan or will develop one as part of the proposed planning effort.
  • DWSRF set-asides can be used for asset management planning grants.


  • Questions on sanitary surveys address capacity including asset management plans. Also, the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) maintains an inventory of water system assets in the Safe Drinking Water System. The asset inventory is verified during the sanitary survey inspection.


  • IDEQ collaborates with the Environmental Finance Center, RCAC, and the Idaho Rural Water Association to provide asset management training.
  • The state plans to encourage the development of asset management plans through various outreach and education efforts.
  • Technical assistance with asset management is provided to water systems as part of a sanitary survey and engineering reviews.


  • IDEQ’s Drinking Water Bureau is developing a new electronic document management system that will track and report which PWSs are missing asset management plans, among other documents.


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