Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Iowa currently prioritizes under-resourced smaller systems for asset management training assistance and is actively considering several initiatives that will expand asset management program incentives and resources.

MentorAPM in

MentorAPM makes it easier for smaller systems with smaller teams to get their asset management programs up and running.

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While the majority of the lakes in Iowa are man-made, Iowa is home to the famous Spirit Lake, the largest glacial lake in the state.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • The sanitary survey indirectly addresses AM concepts.


  • ‍Iowa concentrates it’s virtual and in-person training efforts on small systems that lack the resources for asset management planning. New operator training incorporates asset management.
  • A report including the state’s AM plan efforts and training assistance to PWSs is submitted to the State’s governor by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). This report is posted on a public website and advertised.
  • IDNR encourages the development of asset management plans and will aid to provide technical assistance for PWSs.


  • Training on the importance of asset management & its concepts are incorporated into board training presentations, and provided to IDNR staff, operators, city administrators, and the public.
  • Incentives for PWSs utilizing AM plans are being considered by The Strategic Planning Advisory Board.
  • Several future initiatives for AM are being considered, including: funding programs, AM plan follow-up surveys, and further education on the value AM brings.
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