Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Kentucky awards priority points for DWSRF loans to utilities who have implemented an asset management plan. Training and assistance is delivered through partners like RCAP and the Kentucky Rural Water Association.

MentorAPM in

MentorAPM makes reporting on asset criticality and the current state of your assets easy for creating and updating asset management plans to qualify for extra DWSRF points.

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Kentucky boasts more than 1,100 commercially navigable miles of water, more than any other state except Alaska. The Ohio River is the source of drinking water for more than five million people, and 75 billion gallons of water from the Ohio flows by Louisville every day.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • The state awards additional prioritization points for utilities seeking DWSRF loans for systems implementing an asset management program.


  • Questions pertaining to the development and implementation of asset management planning are included in the sanitary survey.


  • Asset management training is provided to water system staff by the state and stakeholders, including the Kentucky Rural Water Association and RCAP. Online training including education on developing asset inventory and assessing/rating infrastructure assets is provided by DOW staff.
  • Research is conducted to identify funding, regulatory, programmatic and statutory gaps to inform AM.
  • Technical assistance, including AM planning, is provided by partner organizations; it is based on needs identified in the sanitary surveys.
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