Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Louisiana requires all decision makers of new water systems to participate in asset management training and encourages the development of asset management plans for all recipients of DWRLF loans.

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MentorAPM Asset Collector is useful for creating asset inventories and collecting asset condition data for answering the five core asset management questions. Two MentorAPM team members call New Orleans home including our fearless Scrum Master.

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Louisiana’s wetlands are a defining feature of the state, including the Atchafalaya Basin, which is the largest swamp in the United States. The state’s unique geography means that much of it used to be underwater, contributing to its rich ecosystem and diverse wildlife.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • A state approved Management Training course that promotes asset management is required for all decision-makers (board members, managers) of new systems (Louisiana Administrative Codes 48: V.7717.C).


  • ‍PWSs selected to participate in a capacity assessment can attend a trainings on AM planning. The Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund (DWRLF) staff, Louisiana Rural Water Association (LRWA), and/or other State-approved contractors such as Southwest Environmental Finance Center (SWEFC) present these workshops.
  • Preparation of an asset management plan, utilizing the EPA’s “Five Core Questions”, is encouraged in the System Improvement Plan Acceptance Letter for systems receiving DWRLF money.
  • Individual and group assistance is provided by DRWLD, SWEFC and LRWA to systems developing an asset management plan.
  • Louisiana state has posted online an AM Plan Workbook and AM Guidance Document.
  • At least twenty existing PWSs are selected for capacity assessments on a quarterly basis; a question asking if the PWS has an AM plan in place is asked.


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