Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Maine offers principal forgiveness conditional on asset management training and allows Capacity Development grants to be used towards the costs of asset management planning.

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Mentor Mobile puts full GIS and mapping access in the hands of frontline workers in the field. Asset Collector makes it easy to collect and build an accurate asset inventory.

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Approximately 40% of Maine’s citizens use a private groundwater well for their household water supply, highlighting the importance of groundwater in the state. Maine’s coastline is so filled with deep harbors that it could provide anchorage for all the naval fleets in the world.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • The Capacity Development Grant, a funding apparatus in which systems can receive grants for the preparation of documents that will assist them in the maintenance or enhancement, may be used for asset management planning.
  • Both system staff and trustees must attend an 8-hour asset management training to receive principal forgiveness. In cases where the system gets principal forgiveness more than once, they are required to go to training each time they receive principal forgiveness.


  • RCAP Solutions helps systems conduct asset management training and provides board training and stakeholder communications to explain AM. Maine Water Utilities Association, Maine Drinking Water Program, Maine Rural Water Association, and the Environmental Finance Center Network also provide training related to AM.
  • EFC network offers remote assistance with mapping and asset inventory data collection.


  • The state is considering the development of a grant program for asset management planning.
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