Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Mississippi is updating its regulations to require asset management planning for new public water systems, and provides AM trainings and assistance to existing systems.

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MentorAPM makes reporting on asset criticality and the current state of your assets easy to prepare for annual reviews of your asset management plan.

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The Mississippi River’s watershed includes a total of 31 states and 2 provinces in Canada, and it has been a crucial part of Native American civilization for thousands of years.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • Additional ranking points are awarded to systems with an AM plan for SRF.
  • The Small System Technical Assistance Set-Aside provides funding for AM training.


  • AM training is required in trainings for water system boards and boards of alderman, per state law.
  • An operation and maintenance plan including AM is required for new community or non-transient non-community PWSs.
  • The annual inspection/sanitary survey requires review of AM planning.


  • Mississippi Rural Water Association’s AM training covers all topics in EPA’s Asset Management guide, helping systems create asset management plans. Training is two full days and in various areas within the state.
  • Key AM metrics are discussed in the triennial report to the Office of the Governor.
  • Starting in 2024, questions regarding the development of AM plans will be implemented in the capacity assessments.

Internal Activities

  • Mississippi State Department of Health intends to revise regulations to require new PWSs to develop an AM plan.


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