Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Nebraska has DWSRF loans available for asset management, and provides trainings and assistance to small water systems.

MentorAPM in

MentorAPM helps agencies address the EPA Five Core Question Framework used by Nebraska and other states: 1. Current State of Assets 2. Level of Service, 3. Critical Assets 4. Lifecycle Cost 5. Long-term funding.

Did you know

Nebraska is the #1 state in total groundwater, mostly from the High Plains Aquifer System, including the Ogallala Aquifer. If spread over the surface of the state, the water would be 38 feet deep.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • DWSRF set-asides can be used for asset management training and asset management planning. Nebraska Rural Water Association and Midwest Assistance Program also provide financial assistance for small systems with asset management planning.


  • The sanitary survey includes AM and capacity questions.


  • Water operator training workshops and webinars include asset management.
  • The state’s Capacity Development webpage promotes asset management. AM is discussed when the state hosts booths at water events.
  • Tools, resources and guidance documents for AM are available on The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy’s Capacity Development webpage.
  • Questions on asset management and its five core elements are included in the PWS Capacity Survey.

Internal Activities

  • Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy staff are trained on AM basics.
  • AM training is being developed for new operators at small water systems.


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