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Water Infrastructure Asset Management
New York

New York assesses AM strategies through capacity assessments and encourages PWSs to develop and improve their AM plans through technical and financial assistance. The five-core asset management questions are included in the NYSDOH capacity assessment.

MentorAPM in
New York

MentorAPM Asset Collector is useful for creating asset inventories and collecting asset condition data for answering the five core asset management questions.

Did you know

New York City’s water system is the largest unfiltered water system in the country. The water quality from the Catskill/Delaware watershed area is high enough to meet federal and state guidelines for drinking water without the need for filtration.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) currently offers DWSRF funds for asset management.
  • NYSDOH may require any project applicant with deficiencies to create an asset management plan.


  • If asset management issues are discovered during routine sanitary surveys, systems may also be assigned a significant deficiency.


  • AM trainings are offered to water systems by numerous agencies.
  • NYSDOH convened a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss AM for PWSs in New York, contributing to an updated capacity development strategy.
  • The state offers technical assistance, including asset management planning. Asset management assistance is provided by partners such as New York Rural Water Association and RCAP and the state.
  • The state offers a variety of AM guidance documents, templates and standard operating procedures.
  • The five-core asset management questions are included in the capacity assessment. NYSDOH analyzes data to assess PWS needs and encourages systems to implement asset management measures.


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