Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Oregon offers public water systems 100% forgivable loans up to $20,000 for asset management and provides a customized asset management tool.

MentorAPM in

MentorAPM helps water utilities work with the Five Core Question Framework for asset management adopted by the Oregon Health Authority.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • Through the DWSRF, sustainable water infrastructure activities can receive 100% forgivable loans up to $20,000 for asset management.


  • Oregon is potentially revising its sanitary survey forms to identify asset management plans during surveys.


  • Oregon will provide training on asset management planning for PWSs.
  • Oregon Health Authority released an educational handout to increase the understanding of the AM five-core-question framework.
  • Contracted circuit riders can provide AM planning technical assistance for eligible water systems.
  • The state provides a customized asset management tool that PWSs can use.
  • The current DWSRF Capacity Assessment Report Form and New Water System Capacity Requirements Checklist is being updated to include AM questions.

Internal Activities

  • The Capacity Development Program review is potentially being used to evaluate if regulatory legislative change is necessary for a water system to use AM.
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