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Water Infrastructure Asset Management
Rhode Island

Rhode Island requires public water systems who produce more than 50 millions gallons annually to have a Water Supply System Management Plan which includes key principles of asset management plans.

MentorAPM in
Rhode Island

MentorAPM includes important preventative maintenance management capabilities which are an essential part of any O&M plan in an asset management program.

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Rhode Island is nicknamed the “Ocean State” because one can get to the ocean from anywhere in the state in less than an hour’s drive.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • DWSRF set-asides are used for asset management programs such as Facilities Improvement Plans (FIPs). An FIP includes capital projects, upgrades, and preventative maintenance.
  • A third-party contractor works with PWSs to provide AM training to systems in receiving principal forgiveness or below-market interest rates; this helps PWSs before closing on a DWSRF funded loan.


  • PWSs producing over 50 million gallons of water annually are required to have a Water Supply System Management Plan that covers asset management principles.


  • Drinking water operators are offered a semiannual AM training put on by the state’s Center for Drinking Water Quality and the New England Water Works Association.
  • Technical assistance for PWS encourages AM planning.


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