Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Tennessee is working to implement new initiatives for asset management planning and awareness across the state. Workshops and trainings are in development.

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MentorAPM makes reporting on asset criticality and the current state of your assets easy for submitting updated asset management plans to your state department.

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Tennessee has more than 9,200 caves and caverns, more than any other state, and hosts the country's largest underground lake, known as the Lost Sea.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • Priority checklists for SRF require that the PWS have a Capacity Development Plan, including asset management.
  • Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) intends to release asset management grants with SRF money.


  • TDEC plans to address asset management in the Sanitary Survey inspections.


  • During 2022, TDEC contracted with the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts (TAUD) to develop an asset management framework and training sessions, specifically for small and disadvantaged systems, across the state.
  • TDEC is developing a website and intends to host asset management workshops to increase understanding of asset management.
  • TDEC partners with TAUD to provide direct asset management technical assistance.


  • TDEC plans to modify laws to ensure that asset management is a requirement for the Capacity Development Plan.
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