Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Utah requires asset management planning for financial assistance acceptance. High risk systems are targeted to receive aid from technical assistance providers.

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Utah water systems can create and maintain their capital asset management plans with MentorAPM's Asset Investment Planner to qualify for financial assistance. MentorAPM is conveniently headquartered just south of Utah in Phoenix, AZ.

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Utah has around 82,000 miles of streams and rivers. The Colorado River is the longest river in Utah, flowing for about 1,400 miles within the state’s border.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • The Utah Division of Drinking Water (DDW) is including asset management in their ranking system to evaluate water utility compliance. Eligible water systems are prioritized based on plans to develop and implement asset management programs.
  • Financial assistance is available for asset management plans.
  • DDW technical assistance program will use DWSRF set-asides to provide training on the five asset management core elements.
  • Utah DDW requires a copy of an asset management plan for all PWSs requesting financial assistance through the DWSRF Program.


  • Water systems are required to develop and implement a capital asset management plan before receiving state or federal funds.
  • Proposed new systems must submit a capacity development business plan for review and approval before it may serve drinking water to the public. The capacity development business plan requires an asset management plan.
  • Sanitary surveys allow Utah DDW to assess a system’s technical capacity. Systems that exhibit inadequate or aging infrastructure may require additional training on capacity and asset management to encourage them to improve compliance.
  • Systems ranked as “not approved” or “corrective action”, or that are approaching an Enforcement Targeting Tool (ETT) score of 11 will be targeted to receive the self-assessment worksheets.


  • Utah DDW works closely with technical assistance providers to develop and provide asset management training courses.
  • Utah DDW includes asset management resources on its website and works with technical assistance providers to ensure the most up-to-date resources are available.
  • The Utah Water Quality Alliance members provide technical assistance, including asset management, to small systems.
  • The Capacity Assessment Worksheets include asset management questions. Self-assessment worksheets that include the five core components of asset management are sent to high priority systems.


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