Water Infrastructure Asset Management

Vermont encourages asset management through loans and grants, as well as outreach with technical assistance providers. Water systems are assessed through capacity and sanitary surveys.

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MentorAPM makes it easier for smaller systems with smaller teams to get their asset management programs up and running.

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The Ben and Jerry’s factory in Vermont has been working to implement an anaerobic digester next to the factory for the wastewater produced from the ice cream making process. The digester has the capacity to produce electricity for over 800 homes a year, or 1 megawatt.

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State Asset Management

Opportunities and Obligations


  • Additional priority points are awarded to SRF applicants with approved asset management plans.
  • DWSRF loans and grants are available for asset management planning and activities.
  • A municipality may receive up to $50,000 in planning loan forgiveness to develop and implement a DEC-approved asset management plan that meets the guidelines in Guidance 26.


  • Sanitary surveys contain asset management questions.


  • Asset management workshops are offered to PWSs to help them plan and develop an asset management plan.
  • Technical assistance providers and other stakeholders collaborate to communicate with water systems about asset management planning.
  • Asset management guidance documents and planning resources are available online.
  • All CWSs must complete a Capacity Survey that includes asset management.


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